Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Limmat River, Zurich, Switzerland.

The Limmat is a river in Switzerland. It is the continuation of the Linth river, known as Limmat from the point of effluence from Lake Zürich, in the city ofZürich. From Zürich it flows in a northwesterly direction, after 35 km reaching the river Aare. The confluence is located north of the small town of Brugg, Aargau and shortly after the mouth of the Reuss.

Alfred Echer-Brummen 1819-1882 Zurich, Switzerland.

1819 in Zurich -dec.6-1882. was a swiss politician,
and railway entrepreneur, and was a member of the swiss national cousil
from 1848 to his death 1882., Feb.20

Saturday, October 24, 2009

L'arc de Triomphe 2, Paris, France.

Place de l'Etoile
Sent 12.7.1971

Cote d'Azur, Toulon, France.

It is the quintessential mediterranean play ground.
The Glamour queen of the coast for others
It has become almost a parody of its image.

L'entree principale de la ville Rocamadour, France.

La rue principale est entierement consacree aux boutiques
Sent by my friend Arlette in1973.

Airview of Gourdon, France.

Gourdon is a medievel village located on the a small hill
over looking the surrounding countryside and the old village
streets are arranged in circle around the ancient centre
Sent by my friend Arlette on 1973

The protestant St. Stephen's Church Saint-Etienne, France.

is the main reformed church of the city of Mulhouse
in Alsace, France.
Sent 16.11.73

La place Castellane, Marseille, France .

A roundabout with a grand fountain Culmin sculpture
in the center with excellent cinema and cafes surrounding.

L'arc de Triomphe, Paris, France.

L'arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous monument
in Paris. It forms the back drop of an umpressive urban ensemble in Paris
Sent by Mr Salem on 27.11.1974

Les escalliers de la gare de Marseille, France

L'escallier monumental de la gare a Marseille
Saint-Charte qui donne acces directement au Boulevard d'Athenes ,
a ete inaugure par le president de la republique
Gaston Doumergue le 24 Avril 1927

Friday, October 23, 2009

Langer Eugen Building, Bonn, Germany

In common parlance called Langer Eugen, an insinuation to the small body
height of the former president.
The multistory building with 114 meters height.

Frere Hall, Karachi, Pakistan

Bara, Dari, Frere Hall, Karachi, Pakistan
Sent 15.02.1973, Thanks to my friend Ashad

The Jose Antonio Avenue, Spain

The Jose Antonio Avenue panoramic view
Sent 16.07.1971 thanks to my friend Abdulah Sewehly,

National Airport in Brussels, Belgium

The Brussels airport, sent 01.12.1971

Montreal by night, Quebec, Canada

A Beautiful night view of downtown Montreal
as seen from the observation floor of the Imperial Bank Of Commerce, Quebec.
Sent on 04.08.1966 by my friend Abdulah

Municipality of Bucharest,

The city proper is administratively known
as the municipality of Bucharest, sent on 01,10,1970

Tassili N'ajjer, Algeria.

Tassili N'ajjer is one of the more famous landscapes of Algeria
being a vast plateau to the north of the Hoggar Mountains. Sent by my friend METALI

The Ksar, Algeria


L'hotel de Ville, Algeria (27.07.1973)


The Green Dome, Medina, K.S.A.

Prophet's Mosque in Medina tomb
Green Dome Medina
sent on 1966 from my oncle AHMED ALI NEMRI THANKS

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dandi March, New Delhi, India.


Rajpath, India

A procession on the Republic DAY at RAJPATH .
Thanks to my friend ABHSHEK FROM INDIA .

Cover stamped, India

Caver from INDIA , stamped,
Thanks to my friend ABHSHEK FROM INDIA .


Heritage Monuments Preservation by INTACH .
Thanks to my friend ABHSHEK FROM INDIA

India Gate

The 42 meters high stone arch of trample stands at the eastern
and of Rajpath built in memory of soldiers died in World War 1919 .
Thank to my friend ABHSHEK FROM INDIA.

Girls in Festive Clothing, Ukraine,

Centre of Falk, culture Kyiv Thank to MAria Ukraine, Dnieper Reaches. .
Ivan Honehar Museum . Ukrainian, Forest steppe .Middle

River boat station (1957,1961) Kiev, Ukraine

Architects V.Hopkolo, V.Ladnyi.H.Slutskyi
Kiev river-boat station was built in 1957-1961 according to the project of the architects V.Gopkalo,V.Ladnyi,G.Slutskiy and others in the Post square.The building has four floors facing the Dnieper and two floors facing the square.In the central part of the station there is a round tower where relay connection apparatus are kept.On the first two floors there are administrative and economicrooms,cas-hall,luggage-office;on the second and third floor there is a post-office.Earlier there was a hotel and a restaurant there.The interior was designed by such painters as E.Kotkov,V.Lamakh,I.Litovchenko.

Paton Bridge, Kiev, Ukraine

Panorama of the Dnipro River right bant in Kyiv .Shotwing the Kyiv .
Pechersk levra Monostery of the caves . of the Holy Dormition in the feregroundi Paton Bridge 1953.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kennedy Space Center, Shuttle Atlantis Lifts, Florida, U.S.A.

Space Shuttle Atlantis lifts off .photo courtesy of NASA .
Thanks to Brenda USA

Finding Nemo, Florida, U.S.A.

Finding Nemo Florida .Disnep pixar cartoons.
Thanks Brenda U, S.A

The Giant Japanesse SpiderCrab, Georgia, U.S.A.

20 kg..see them in the cold water ouest gallery at Georgia Aquarium .
Thanks to branda U.S.A., lbs,
The Giant Japanesse Spide Crab comes from deep cold water and can weigh up to 44

The Virgin Islands, U.S.A.

The Virgin Islands are situated in the caribbean sea 80 miles east of Puetro Rico .
Discovered by Columbus in 1493.